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setting up a blog

finding a platform

I decided to set up a blog to dump thoughts and ideas, findings and decisions. The contents here may or may not be interesting to anyone else.

The first question was to decide on the blogging platform. Should I use an existing blog host? Setup my own system? Which software should I use?

This is the result…

Of course I wouldn’t go for an existing service. I’m never going to be just a user. I had my unused linode server hanging around and decided to put it to work.

I read up lots of sources, including this one and decided to go with textpattern . This may not have been the best choice, but then again, it’s important to make a choice rather than losing a lot of time evaluating. Since my requirements are simple (basically, I just need a scratch pad), I’m sure whatever I choose will do the trick. textpattern seemed simple and good enough.

setting up textpattern

Here are the steps to get a running system:

  • rebuild my linode using ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  • install the LAMP stack
    sudo apt-get install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server
  • configure a virtual host for my recently aquired domain ‘softbork.com’
  • set up a new zone for the domain (I tried my current dns provider zonedit ) which gives you one free zone, but charges one credit for each month for any additional zone. That’s just way too expensive, dns is cheap. linode offers dns services as a part of their plans, so I went with that one * installing textpattern is very simple:
wget http://textpattern.com/file_download/70/textpattern-4.4.1.tar.gz
tar zxvf textpattern-4.4.1.tar.gz
cd textpattern-4.4.1
cp -av * /path_to_webroot/softbork.com/
  • set up a database for textpattern
mysql -u root -p
CREATE DATABASE textpattern;
   ON textpattern.* TO 'yourusername'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpassword';
  • after that, just visit softbork.com, and follow the instructions

Installing themes under textpattern turned out to be very cumbersome. There is no mechanis of downloading and installing a theme-package. One has to install a gazillion files one by one using a user interface. This almost convinced me to drop textpattern and go for sth different.