'Where Was I?' is simple to use. You may not even want to touch it at all after installation as it will collect information in the background and it may take a couple of days until you get interesting data.

You will see a screen like this when you start 'Where Was I?'. Press the menu button to record your current position manually, which is useful if you want to remember your current location.

The map shows you your defined points of interest and time sped in each square. More visualization modules will be added.

The settings allow you to fine tune 'Where Was I?' to your likings. 


Service periodicity: You may set the service periodicity to something more frequent to get more location samples. Note that this will have an impact on the battery. For instance, if you set the periodicity to 1 minutes, the GPS will be activated roughly 96 times a day (if you use exact scheduling that is).


Exact scheduling: If disabled, 'Where Was I?' will only get active whn you use your phone, thus saving the battery, but you may get less frequent location updates.

GPS duration: Depending on your device, it may take a little bit longer to get a GPS fix. If your savedlocations are inaccurate, you may raise the time here.

The history shows all recorded locations. You can flick through them and click any entry to get more information. If you long press an entry, you will be given the option to:

redefine point of interest: use this to set your home, office, or ay other area that you want to collectively tag. See screenshot on the right.

delete location: deletes the selected location

delete point of interest: deletes the currently assigned point of interest. This will also affect all locations that were within the boundaries of the given point of interest.


If you click on a location in the history browser, you will get to this screen, giving you some details about it. Use the 'previous'/'next' buttons to step through the history.

The last tab shows interesting information about all collected locations. You can use this to find out how long you stayed in different locations and countries, and how far you've travelled.

Note that 'total distance' is not necessarily the sum of all distances within all countries summed up. This is because if you fly from one country to the next, the flight distance is added to the total distance, but not to individual countries.

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