Release 1.14 live!

The new release was just uploaded to the market! I'm very excitied about this one, as it finally fixes quite a lot of outstanding bugs which I didn't have the time to investigate before. The new release is far more stable, more accurate and faster.

One major change is the way the location tracker works. Until now, an alarm was used, which is quite different from a service because an alarm doesn't have to run all the time. There was a problem with the way it was implemented: android would choose to kill off the tracker sometimes too early.

The tracker has now been changed to a alarm-service setup: The alarm is still triggered, which then starts a foreground service to do the tracking. This turns out to be far more reliable.

Next thing in the pipeline is the map screen: So far, that screen has no useful purpose, This is going to change big time. Stay tuned!

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