Version 1.3.1 to be released soon

Version 1.3.1 has been uploaded for Apple's leisurely review. It adds Dutch to the pot of translated languages.

Also there have been some minor improvements, library version bumps and bug fixes. Nothing to write home about.

Version 1.2.0 available!

The app is now also fully translated into German. Other languages are being translated as we speak.

Also minor things have been fixed. For instance, the screen would dim and go off after a while when listening to conversations. This is now fixed.

New Version 1.1.0 ready for download and other news!

The new version is ready for download and adds some requested features such as: double tap keeps speaking window open. Most of the latest improvements were done due to excellent feedback from the pitch bang event in Panter's offices.

The price has now been set at tier 1 (basically $1;) which hopefully gives us some traction.

A new version has already been uploaded again and will add full German localization and other little fixes (such as iPhone 5 adjustments, prevent sleep while playing back a conversation)

TalkingStick used at pitchbang!

The TalkingStick was quite successfully used at the pitchbang in panter's offices. A lot of interesting results came out of it and a new version with some of the more pressing change requests for the TalkingStick has already been submitted to Apple.

New trailer video is up!

This time with professional voice over. Check it out here!


We do have first feedback, here's Jens-Christian's entry on his excellent blog.

Launch day!

The app is available in the app store from this day on. We will collect feedback in the following days.

App approved!

Just a quick update: The app has been approved by apple! We're getting things together for the big launch. No launch date set at this point, it will be in a couple of days. (It's now in our hands, not in Apple's :)

Getting ready for take off!

TalkingStick was submitted to Apple for review on March 11.

Everyone is waiting with bated breath - meanwhile the marketing machinery is getting into shape.

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