Release 1.9 live!

A lot has changed in the past couple of week. Release 1.9 introduces absolutely smooth graphics, fade in alarm and an overall improved feeling when handling the alarm.

Downloads are picking up as well. We're almost at 0.01% of our download goal.

Video added

We've got a video up on youtube showcasing the simplest alarm-clock ever. This is for all those who have an android phone. If you've got an iPhone, you already have a pretty simple alarm clock at your disposal, since you don't need a degree in computer science to use an iPhone. Or was that Windows Phone 7?

Release 1.0 live!

The first release is out! It's incredibly beautiful! Finally, waking up in the morning is fun again.

Gearing up for first release

The first release candidate is being tested, and things look great! This truly is the simplest to use alarm clock you can imagine. There are a few outstanding tweaks in the alarm time setting algorithm to make things feel natural and super smooth.

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